Judgement Day

Drew Abeyta
4 min readSep 13, 2020

A great friend of mine posed this question to me in early April, “I’m curious to see what this forced experiment will lead to when everyone reflects on it later?” in relation to Covid-19. Good question I thought and went on to say something like, “Oh yea, it will be an interesting time for sure.” You know, something totally non-committal. But I went on to think to myself, “Reflection and time are big-asks considering the many facets of life and work we all have to deal with.” And I started to think…

This is assuming human reflection occurs of course. Which is a silly notion. Human nature is a squirrelly and sometimes unpredictable thing. Unfortunately, it might be too soon to ask or hope for immediate change in universal pattern or behavior, but this doesn’t mean it’s not happening or it isn’t on its way. The simple fact that everyone is being made aware of shit and starting to ask the necessary questions, is a great start. A perfect start. Things gotta change, the way they have to, but it’s not going to happen right away. Invention is borne out of necessity right? And when have individual and collective actions ever been so necessary?

Every socioeconomic and cultural fabric is now being run through a firing test. Some threads will hold up, others will be damaged but repairable and others will be completely disintegrated. With everything on pause we have no choice but to look at our current situation, our bare threads, and our current selves, directly back in the mirror. And to that, I say — it’s about damn time. Is there any other way that we could have all together, collectively come to this? For those looking, it’s a moment to learn. This virus is teaching us something, which is in keeping with nature’s role, to provide learning & wisdom. Some lessons painful, and others pleasant, with one common denominator, truth.

And here we are, baptism by fire. Baptism to truth. So in a way, I hope we never return to “normal” or go back to the way it was, until that change does occur.

Change, as in rebirth, or refiring of the soul-vessel takes a long time, and a tremendous amount of patience and hard work — it’s gotta be fired up, contained, melted, molded, poured, shaped, gently cooled, cleaned, smoothed, and then finally polished & sealed before it’s of any use to society. And it cannot, must not and absolutely will not skip any one of those steps. If it does, an amorphous / ambiguous object will emerge without any specialized form or function. So we gotta keep in mind that change is going to happen, but it’s going to take a tremendous amount of hard work and a long time. It’s a long journey, and like Moses, most of us won’t be there when we make it to that “new” place, but we’re absolutely on that new road together, heading to a non material place, both real and free.

Happily, I think the weeds of 18th century democracy and two thousand year old politics are finally being burned to the ground — with no way to stop it, no amount of strong arm leadership, politics or democracy will put it out. So in keeping with the elemental laws of science & nature, something new is to inevitably grow in its scorched former place, like a fire borne redwood seed. Actually a variety of new seeds will take root. That’s the inevitable, as it goes with any forest. And with that, many new leafy giants are to come. With another fire to come and so on and so on. And time, Father Time is to sort out the natural from the unnatural, and that which always was will continue to be, while that which is transitory will lose its place. And to that, I say — it’s about damn time!

Human consciousness which is part and parcel of nature acts like its natural creator, cyclically, and in a pattern that ebbs and flows. And I’ve seen this pattern, I’ve already been here, so I can feel exactly where we are. We are collecting energy right now, learning and simplifying for the long journey ahead. The gate to the past closed. The road is finally upon us. We have a number of choices too, we can either keep our old ways (holding steadfast), we can let them die (gone forever), or we can simply adapt them (shift into the present). Adapt or die, as we’ve been told.

We’ve reached judgment day to our old ways and methods. They are finally being tested under true fire. And once the smoke clears, we’ll see that good and evil guides are equally opportunistic actors and that human nature is an extremely stubborn thing. You’ll see. But nature and our planet have nothing but time. We can come and go, but she’s always here, forever.

We have no choice but to keep traveling down this road. And to that, I say — it’s about damn time!



Drew Abeyta

The writer, Drew R. Abeyta studied Environmental Science at Columbia University. Neurobehavioral specialist and freelance writer. Educator and artist.